With the largest economy in Africa, the 7th most populous market on the planet, an increasing middle class of over 38 million, and paradigm shift in policy and more, Nigeria is at a vantage position to sustain a workable automotive industry. Nigeria's potential automobile market is more than a million each year with raising capacity for much more. According to forecasts, the Nigerian market will shortly become the major hub of automotive industry in Africa and therefore a marketplace any significant investor can't discount.

The Abuja International Motor Fair with its own 19th edition this season has at all times remained a major platform to position participants and other stakeholders to access and exploit the abundant capacities of their viable and growing Nigerian Automotive sector.

In this unique awards winning auto show, you will see:

  • the greatest strategic business platform in which the greatest variety of automotive products and services are showcased in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • the listing of the very constant and fastest growing automobile show in Nigeria

  • the various opportunities and abilities of trade and business expansions that abound in Africa's largest market.

  • discover the products and services showcased in the Motor Fair

  • meet manufacturers, dealer and sales representatives of automobiles,motos, trucks, spare parts, and much more.