A Nigerian firm, Innoville Innovation, has announced its plans to unveil new creations of automobiles. They will run on battery instead of gas, as part of an attempt to promote renewable energy.

The President of the business, Mr. Daysman Oyakhilome-Woghiren, said that, during a briefing yesterday in Abuja,  technology is an opportunity to invest and give back to the country.

He also stated that the self-powered vehicles would be made public soon as well as different inventions such as improved solar power generating panel, as well as fuel-less generator, adding that few weeks from now, the inventions, among them a new mobile program, is going to go public too.

According to him, beyond the creation, it became critical to offer sustainable solutions to issues confronting the people, the country and change individuals' mindset for better.

"It'll surprise you to understand what young Nigerians can perform and people from the Diaspora. When we have this platform, young nigerians will be able to exploit their potential and then expand on it. " Oyakhilome said

Earlier, Executive Managing Director, Innoville Technologies, Mr. Michael Friday, described the technology as such that may power both automobile and individual homes, thereby decreasing cost and increasing efficiency.

He noted that a new mobile application manufactured by the company would be discharged before month end, although the power generating system to be launched along with tricycle is expected to run 100 percent without petrol and outside power supply.

Friday stated: "We're set to launch into the market, a car you'll drive round, not just that, but since you drive around, you are generating the energy that will sustain you another day. You may as well disconnect your house from the national grid and connect to a vehicle which takes over the electricity before the day break," he explained.

"The solar power was finished annually. Under normal condition the best a solar power manufacturer may give you on the road will be 40 to 60 but we managed to enhance it to 120 to 180 watts. We used a simple technology. If you're to generate 180 watts, you will need 250 watts of solar panel, then half of these.

"This is why anywhere you see solar street light in Nigeria today; you are going to observe that the lighting is not as bright as normal street light. If you would like to gain that capability, you should have solar panel farms somewhere else, battery life until you can get the sort of brightness this can give you."

"It may tickle some people's ear that a technology comes to function without relying on external power supply to generate power or energy itself, but I wish to tell you that we've succeeded in developing this 110 percent if there exists anything of the sorts," he said.
Friday reported the 60 volt panel solar panel technology could supply 180 watts output without a battery bank or 200 amps battery.