A driver’s license in Nigeria is not only a legal pass for driving but also ultimately a second official identification document. A Nigerian driver’s license can be used to do official registrations of any kind. It is issued by the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC). 

The Nigerian driver’s license is valid and acceptable for use in seven countries in Europe and three states in the U.S.A. The FRSC changed the Nigerian driver’s license format in 2012 in a bid to clean up the process of acquiring one in the country. 

To register for a driver’s license in the country, visit one of the many FRSC centers, actually 100, spread out in the country. The FRSC requires applicants of commercial driver’s license (E Class) to attend a driving course in any certified driving school. Applicants are also expected to carry out a medical test in any government hospital. 

The applicant should then proceed to apply online and print an application form from http://www.nigeriadriverlicence.org/. Payment should then be done at the States Board of Internal Revenue or Driver’s License Centers. Here, the applicant will be issued with a temporary license.

The temporary license is valid for only 60 days to allow verification of the application’s details and production of the permanent driver’s license which is valid for 3 years. Currently, a permanent Nigerian driver’s license is charged at N6, 000.