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The Toyota Hilux 2020 is finally here to amaze customers with a more futuristic and stylish driving performance by tackling every terrain with its unique on-road capabilities and overcoming every road hurdles with its impeccable off-road driving techniques. One of the world's most popular and trusted pickup trucks since 1968, the Toyota Hilux has come from tougher to toughest with its muscular body curves and new sharp engine, not forgetting to mention its upgraded driving features.

At Carnaija, we believe that the Toyota Hilux is one of the best trucks to purchase for an energetic off-road and on-road driving in Nigeria.

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A rugged and bold design to harmonize with every terrain

To give the Toyota Hilux a more adaptive look on every landscape, the new Hilux comes with a muscular bodywork to showcase its bold attitude. Its athletic posture, tough bumpers, and dramatic LED lights give it a sense of strength and uniqueness. 
The vehicle also has durable and stylish materials inside its cabin and uses user-friendly technologies such as an 8-inch touchscreen designed to offer the driver with a responsive driving.

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A sharp engine to provide more power and torque

The 2020 Toyota Hilux comes in either a Diesel engine or a petrol engine. Its engine sizes and transmissions differ from Ute 2.5 Liter 5-speed manual to the Ute 2.8 Liter 6-speed automatic. Its 2.8-liter diesel engine produces  201 horsepower with a torque of 500 NM, bringing power and good fuel efficiency to satisfy customers. The Hilux develops effortless acceleration and pulling power to haul heavy loads with ease.

Strong, reliable, and safe brand to drive 

Whether it is for load carrying or offering steady driving on any terrain, then rest assured to feel confident in this pickup truck. Along with its remarkable 1-tonne payload, 3.5 tonnes towing capacity, and manual 4x4 system, the new Toyota Hilux has various kinds of off-road assistance to help your off-road driving an incredible experience, starting from an AT Limited Slip Differential to Hill Start Assist Control and Active Traction Control to keep you moving steadily on the tracks.

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User-friendly features to offer comfort

The Toyota Hilux 2020 is available in four trim levels - Active, Icon, Invincible, and Invincible X with each trim having various user-friendly technologies such as Icon grade, an 8-inch tablet-style Toyota Touch 2 screen featuring numerous multimedia features from smartphone integration to a JBL sound system with Harman CLARi - Fi technology to provide comfortable and easy driving. The Hilux also comes with a rear-view camera and a suite of advanced safety systems to invest welcoming assistance after and during a long drive.

For more details on the Toyota Hilux 2020, here’s a short YouTube video - offers a variety of Toyota Hilux models for sale at various prices, depending on the year and make of the vehicle. The new Hilux 2020 goes at a selling price of NGN 10,000,000 and above. The website also allows you to communicate with the local vendors in Nigeria by placing your bid on the vehicle, so why the delay? Hurry up now and get your new Hilux truck!

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